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Book Launch and Concert

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The Celtic Studies Course Union and the Comunn Gáidhlig Thoronto/Gaelic Society of Toronto will be hosting a joint event this Friday September 25th – the book launch of Seanchaidh na Coille / The Memory-Keeper of the Forest by Michael Newton. Event information can be about here from their website. Tickets will be $10, $5 for students and can be bought here. More information on the book itself can be found here.

From the Gaelic Society of Toronto website:

Compiled and edited by Gaelic scholar Michael Newton and published by Cape Breton University Press, it’s the first book of its kind in Canada. It gives voice to the experience of Gaelic Canadians through a broad set of themes: migration, politics, religion, family life, identity, social organizations and more.

At the launch, Michael Newton will collaborate with Nova Scotian Gaelic poet and singer Lewis MacKinnon to perform recitations and songs in English and Gaelic from the anthology. The selection of songs and recitative readings describe Highland migration to Ontario and life for individuals and communities in the province, documenting the challenges to their settlement and existence as a people, as well as celebrating their survival.  

We will be hosting the event at Wycliffe College, from 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Come for a night of dancing, music, and learn about the stories of Gaelic-speaking communities across Canada.

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