Garm Lu Digitization Project

The Garm Lu Digitization Project is an effort to make all editions of the Celtic Arts journal, Garm Lu, accessible to the general public. The publication of the journal can be dated to around the mid-1980s, but faculty at the University of Toronto have noted that the journal originally started around the late 1970s in the form of one-paged hand outs. If you are interested in physical copies of the journal, we unfortunately do not have copies for sale between the years of 1986 – 2010, but for other editions please contact us at They are priced at $10 a copy. Copies of the journal can be found in our office in Brennan Hall, and at Kelly Library – interlibrary loans/RACER would be able to get copies of the journal to your local university library.

By viewing and/or downloading the digital editions of Garm Lu, you hereby agree to use them solely for personal or academic use, not for distribution or sale. The published editions are the property of the Celtic Studies Course Union and the articles contained within are the intellectual property of the individual contributors.




Vol. 1, Winter 1986

Vol. 2, Summer 1986

Vol. 3, Fall 1986

Vol. 4, Spring 1987

Vol. 5, Fall 1987

Vol. 6, Spring 1988

Vol. 7, Fall 1988




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